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Established in 2013, we have continued to develop innovative solutions and turn them into viable, economic, and environmental assets. Our development is founded on growth and expansion. Central to this, we continue to actively invest in partnerships with customers, commodity producers and service providers. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.


Our focus is to facilitate access to the international market. Our experience and business relationships with natural resource producers, crude oil refiners and chemical companies is the driving force of our business model. We aim to be at the forefront of the shifting regulatory landscape to ensure compliance in all sectors of the fuel space.




At Peaker, we utilize pricing, logistical and technical expertise to add value for our customers.

Data driven management, focused on investing in proper training and tools to operate safely and efficiently. Prioritizing the development and education of our drivers to guarantee the Job is done right.


We build our terminals to have the highest level of product management and monitoring equipment anchored in a robust inventory management control system that will be transparent to our customers.


Be a part of our story

What will you gain in a career with Peaker? From our benefits and career advancement to our values and ways of innovating - we invest in you.

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Who we are

Peaker captures energy and commodities on a global scale. We have diversified our business to trading in a wide spectrum of commodity projects including crude oil, refined products, petrochemicals, and renewable fuels.


We develop and deploy the most advanced technologies to serve energy companies looking for more reliable, efficient solutions. Our diverse portfolio and continued innovation solutions are reshaping how the industry works today, in the future and beyond.