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Who we are 

Growing value through a dynamic portfolio while maintaining financial discipline 

Effectiveness & Fundamentals

Privately owned and based in Houston, Peaker Energy serves the crude oil transportation and logistics needs of the Eagle Ford and elsewhere. We’re recognized as providing safe, reliable and competitively-priced service to the oil and gas industry. All of our trucks and drivers use advanced technology to enhance driver safety and to allow for better fleet management. We stay on top of industry changes and adjust our operations as needed to meet the transportation goals of our customers. Safety always has been and continues to be our number one priority.

The Peaker Energy management team participates in several technical groups within the industry to better understand and maintain the integrity of the domestic and international crude oil and condensate grades as well as the proper handling and transportation of these commodities. We also strive to be at the forefront of the shifting regulatory landscape to ensure that we are always operating appropriately.

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