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We utilize pricing, logistical and technical expertise to add value for our customers.

Peaker took advantage of the historically wide price differentials between leading inland crude aggregation points (Midland and Cushing) and most important downstream markets (Houston and Corpus Christi) by accessing pipeline capacity set aside for “walk up shippers”, i.e. shippers without long term contracts. At its height, Peaker was either the aggregator or shipper of ~ 300,000 barrels of crude oil per month.

• Focused on understanding the total value and quality of the barrel       beyond the limits of simplistic field tests.

• Developed multiple liquid commodity terminals for crude oil, refined     products, and emerging renewable fuel products to unlock market       value for our customers and biofuels to unlock market value for our       customers.

• Managed and optimized the pricing and logistic risk for different          commodities to create value for our customers.

• Active Participation and Engagement with the industry’s standard         and self-governing organizations including API and ASTM.

• Contributing Member and Leader with the industry’s leading quality     and quality management organizations (COQA and CCQTA).

• Working relationship with leading testing and inspection and testing     companies.

• Participated in the development of the ANSI/API recommended            practices 3000Classifying and loading of crude oil into rail tank cars.

Peaker Energy Group, LLC was the first company in the industry to recognize that lightly processed condensate would qualify for the export under (then) existing US Government regulations and was therefore the first to receive export licenses from the Commerce Department (two years before all US crude and product export restrictions were lifted).


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