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Data driven management, focused on investing in proper training and tools to operate safely and efficiently.

Tools equipped and systems deployed

• Continual Testing and Instruction for Drivers. Our Drivers receive           continual training and daily summaries on road conditions and             loading/unloading facilities. Safety meetings held at least weekly           and as needed to ensure information is disseminated and                     implemented in a proper and efficient manner.

• ASTM and Hazardous Materials safety trained. All of our drivers           receive computerized and in field training for the testing and                 measurement standards required of them, along with hazardous           material exposure and handling instruction.

• Technology and technical knowledge deployed to perform                   consistently in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

• Equipment: All our trucks are new and equipped with automatic           transmission and emission reduction system (SCR using DEF);             guaranteeing that our drivers focus on the road as much as                   possible and that we operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

• Advanced GPS Fleet Management, Optimization, and eLOG /HOS       system. Telogis is an onboard, interactive, computing system               designed to optimally manage and direct our trucks. This state-of-       the-art system has been implemented on our vehicles to facilitate         an extremely efficient central dispatch which accommodates any         last-minute changes, in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. The         system allows for customization so that we may conform to our             customers processes, practices, and back-office integration.

• Continual Weighing Program—ensures that freight is maximized           assuring that all loads are put through the same calculation process     to assure not only compliance but maximum value as well.

• Electronic Pre-trip and Post-trip and Maintenance Program – in             place to ensure that the trucks operate safely, minimize down time,       and have all the appropriate equipment for the job at hand.

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